Parenting is challenging enough; supporting your children in their language learning opens up even more challenges. We strive to provide parents with understanding and support to help children and families in their language learning and maintenance. For second language learners in the classroom, speaking Ukrainian in front of others — particularly native speakers — can cause anxiety. In fact, as research suggests, the dread of speaking can interfere with students’ ability and desire to learn.   Let this website help you and your child/learner overcome some of these challenges and enjoy new opportunities. is designed to offer your child:

  • Apps and tech tools which allow students to practice in the comfort of their own home by themselves or with a parent/caregiver/peer
  • Forms of fun and positive reinforcement
  • Spaces for students to compose work, self-reflect and self-assess as they progress
  • Opportunities to collaborate with peers of differing skill levels
  • Texts at a variety of reading and interest levels
  • Tasks and resources that will help learners to develop confidence in their abilities.

In this section you will find the tools, materials and guidelines to help YOU to support your Ukrainian language learner inside and outside the classroom.  Content is aligned with the curricula of the Ukrainian Bilingual Program, as well as the Ridna Shkola and Kursy Ukrayinoznavstva Heritage language Program.