Liveworksheets is an interactive workbook system, where workbooks can be assigned to one or more students at a time and are organized by class/level. You can make up to 10 workbooks and add 120 pages to each workbook. Then you can assign the workbooks to a maximum of 100 students. When a new school term begins, you don’t have to add the worksheets again, one by one. Just change the group of the students and assign them the new workbook(s).

Also, when a new student joins the group, you simply assign him/her the same workbook(s) that his/her classmates are using. You can edit the workbooks at any moment: add or remove pages, change the order, edit the exercises, etc. Teachers may enable the option “repeat exercise”, allowing students to repeat the worksheets and improve their grades. Teachers may also choose the way that grades are shown to the students (numbers with decimals, numbers without decimals, custom text, custom images, don’t show grades…)

Liveworksheets are free and can be shared with other teachers, too.  If you are interested in learning more, please sign up at and then join Oomroom’s Ukrainian Community of Practice through the orange icon at the top of this page.

You can see the new workbooks video here: