OomRoom is a Ukrainian knowledge Web site that is designed for the Ukrainian language learning in non-Ukrainian milieu. On the Web site there are academic materials oriented to both the students and the teachers; the parents can also use the site to become acquainted with the methods of learning and teaching.

       The site was established by Ukrainian Knowledge Internet Portal Consortium Association in 2002 year to develop and deploy on-line resources for learning the Ukrainian language and culture from preschool to grade 12.

       All the materials are categorized for students, teachers and parents. And these three categories, in their part, are divided into such groups as Art, Health, History, Information and Communication, Music, Religion, Science, Social Studies, Ukrainian Language Arts etc.

       The mostly disposable resources consist of texts for reading. On the Web site there are poems as well. Some materials contain non-verbal elements like pictures. On the site there are video and audio recordings. Altogether the site numbers about one hundred materials, some of them are links, and some of them are in the access immediately on the site.

       Besides above-mentioned materials, the users have at their disposal a forum where they can discuss either, one or another questions. The forum is separated for students, teachers and parents, but all of them can visit each category forum.

       In addition the site has on-line catalogues where the users can find various Ukrainian resources including books and other publications, music, video, arts and crafts.